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The world leader in the fine art of mechanical hinged rings    
Our quality is what makes us number one.
Ringlock comfort fit hinged wedding bands.

Before your previous wedding band is lost as it is no longer safe to use, we could credit your old gold towards a new secure Ringlock wedding band.
Consider recycling your old gold items towards your new purchase.

5.0 mm 14K wedding bands.
Ringlock wedding bands are chunkier than regular Ringlock rings.
They are uniform in thickness and width.

See how fingers can be smaller over the
knuckle where fit is crucial to comfort.

  Comfort fit inside deflects the visual thickness for the slimmer look.

Ringlock’s fabulous fit locked comfortably.


The openings allow viewing the back of the original band after installation.


Specially modified to incorporate half of original band as an integral part of the ring.

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