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Pat. 4,991,409
The world leader in the fine art of mechanical hinged rings
Our quality is what makes us number one.
SuperFit first stages of failure.
Gentle Wiggle stick test
"electric tooth brush"  
disarms the safety latch.
Ringlock www.ringlock.com wedding bands.  
Lost SuperFit rings reported  
If you are here because you were searching for SuperFit to complain about your ring not staying on your finger. Now you will know why your rings don’t stay closed.SuperFit assured you that, when maintained properly, Superfit rings would last indefinitely. That is impossible because they are designed to fail. See engineer's report. They declare their failure as a design "safety" feature to justify bookbinder limitations. Don’t believe them; their "click of confidence" ... is demonstrably untrue. They think if they repeat this often enough you will believe them, and Go away (get lost.)
Before you lose it, trade it in for a secure Ringlock wedding band.
Consider recycling your old gold items towards your new purchase.   Silver band prices remain unchanged.
                              We do not work with Titanium or Tungsten Carbide.                        
            Gold too expensive! Beat the cost with our comfort fit Silver Wedding Bands.
The properties of silver is soft it will scratch, but the locking mechanism is the same design as a gold model which is the most advanced and secure in the world.
SuperFit first stages of failure.
Gentle Wiggle stick test
"electric tooth brush"  
disarms the safety latch.
      Ordering ready to wear.    
The PFF Ringlock is by far the crème de la crème!
The Bentley of luxury, the Rolls Royce of ring clasps, the Ferrari of security. Like driving a Hummer on the beach!
It will never!- ever-ever!! Let you down.
FAQs... We are your exclusive source for PFF Ringlock? We install it for you? We also do custom work, and can incorporate a PFF Ringlock in one of our original designs just for you.    
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